Why Kpurity's Sweet Cabbage Extract?

Why Kpurity's Sweet Cabbage Extract?

We frequently read about the health benefits of various vegetables.

But, in order to gain those health benefits, we must eat a lot of them and do so on a regular basis - which is not easy to do!

So Koreans prefer to either liquify vegetables and drink the extract (known in Korean as 'jeup').
Alternatively, you can dry veggies, grind them into a fine powder, and ingest them as extract balls (known as 'hwan' in Korean).

Kpurity's Sweet Cabbage Extract is conveniently packed for on-the-go as a juice!

Why green cabbage?

Green cabbage is packed with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C and other antioxidants that help the body clear itself of free radicals that damage cells.

They aid in the reduction of inflammation and cancer-causing agents in the body.
Green cabbage is also high in fiber, which helps with digestion, which we all need.

Carry a pack of Sweet Cabbage Extract juice in your daily bag or backpack. Perfect for on-the-go!

And when you feel like you haven't had enough vegetables in your meal, take one pack!