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Message from the CEO: Greetings, It is no secret that today is the era of pollution. The average person is exposed to an increasing variety of toxins, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. We must realize the stark reality, that we ourselves are responsible for maintaining good health. Through the philosophy of Insanga “the way to new world of mental and a physical health” we hope that you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy life. We believe that our product will support the importance of health and life as a resting place for your body and soul. At Insanga, we confidently continue to make the traditional healing remedies by hand, taking the time necessary to follow every detail of the original formulas developed by my father “Master Herbalist Insan”. 

Kim Yoon-se

Message from Master Angie Ahn
"For years as a Ki Energy Master I have searched to find a product to supplement the Ki Energy that is received during a treatment session. My search led me to find a very unique product known as “Divine Medicine”, Bamboo Salt from Korea. That was developed by Divine Herbalist Master Insan, highly respected as the foremost Taoist Healer. Master Insan perfected the alchemy of transforming sea salt into the most powerful substance for many chronic conditions. He developed 9X roasted Bamboo Salt product named Juk-yoem, an innovative type of salt. It can be said that it is new type of matter rather than salt. The impurities and toxic substances in salt are completely removed and only the natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body remain. I personally have visited the headquarters and salt manufacturing “farm” in Korea many times to observe the painstaking process of making handmade bamboo salt. All visitors can experience bamboo salt products while staying in a traditional yellow ocher house. One can spend time in the healing retreat, relaxing, hiking and enjoying natural organic food flavored with bamboo salt and receive healthy life coaching. In 2000, Insanga corporation established Insan Life Science Research Institute. I am impressed by the companies desire to continue to maintain a quality product and continue to develop natural formulas using bamboo salt. I am using this product, as well my family and members in our Ki Healing Center. Most people have reported very positive results and have reordered more healing products. Several medical experts who have tried our products are very excited to introduce this revolutionary salt product to their patients." ..

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