Bellflower & Wild Doraji Honey 600g

Bellflower & Wild Doraji Honey 600g

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Meticulously cared for and packaged in a collectible ceramic jar with matching lid and housed inside an intricate wood decorative box. This is a wild mountain doraji and bellflower herbs mixed with local honey for a taste unlike any other. Once you try it you'll be transformed to the region from which it was born.

  • Stimulates metabolism

  • Enhances immune function

  • Tastes great


Replace your usual honey with this for a new flavor and health experience.

Keep stored in a cool, dry location.


Premium honey and red ginseng harvested in the pristine Jiri mountain range in South Korea. From a nearly untouched landscape, you'll be receiving a unique item that is worth the price tag and unlike most products you've seen before.

A product of the Republic of Korea: Hamyang

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