Ceramic Ball 240g

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Quantum Energy (QELBY) active materials are packed into these powerful ceramic constructed spheres, there is more QELBY power in these than any other product offered by Quantum Energy. Approximately 70 spheres per container.

Quantum Energy (QELBY) is a scientifically patented technology infusing active particles into material that has tremendous benefits:

  • Relieves soreness, lowers tension and reduces stress.

  • Releases oxygen into the skin, great for circulation

  • Aids in regulating body temperature

  • Adds balance and energy to your day


Place spheres in 2-5 gallon water container (rinse before using - do not drink spheres). Adds revitalizing energy and oxygen infused into the H2O.

Place several on the surface area in dirt around potted plants.

Place spheres in vases and decorative containers and trays in your home to protect against "sick house syndrome" and balance Chi.


Approximately 70 ceramic balls per container.

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