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LIGHT CISSUS DIET Best Weight Loss Diet 가벼워지는 시서스 다이어트, Skinny Lab Sinetrol Intetrol Light Cissus Diet Drink 1DAY 2EAT For 7DAYS (1Box)

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Light CISSUS DIET 1.97oz 56g[(2g x 14ea) 

스키니랩 가벼워지는 시서스 다이어트 


✔️Simple Stick Type easy way to take in nutrition of Cissus
✔️Contains 300mg of cissus extract (CQR-300)
✔️Check the table components to see if it can help reduce body fat (isoramnetin, quercetin)
✔️5-fold complex functionality (vitamins A, E, cissus extract, pantothenic acid, biotin)
✔️Contains various auxiliary ingredients (corn extract powder, burdock concentrate powder, grain enzyme mixture powder)

Product Description


   LIGHT CISSUS DIET 1.97oz 56g[(2g x 14ea) x 2Pack] ,Skinnylab

●Ingredients : Cissus extract (Quercetin 1.22%, Isorhamnetin 0.037%, D-alpha-tocopheral acetate mixture (more than 50% vitamin E)), vitamin A mixture (containing 9.8% vitamin A), calcium pantothenate (91% pantothenic acid), biotin , Chicory root extract, cyclodextrin, grain flavor (synthetic fragrance), silicon dioxide, corn beard extract powder {corn beard extract (solid content 2%) 77.16%}, burdock concentrate powder (burdock concentrate 83%), grain mixed enzyme powder ( Glutinous rice, sticky brown rice, brown rice, millet, black rice, sorghum, sticky black rice, sticky barley, sloth barley, perilla, barley rice, anti-gukbacteria, white tae, black tae, red bean, adlay

<Function information>

[Seasus extract] May help reduce body fat. 

[Vitamin A] Necessary for visual adaptation in dark places, necessary for forming skin and mucous membranes and maintaining functions, and necessary for growth and development of epithelial cells. 

[Vitamin E] Necessary to protect cells from harmful oxygen. 

[Pantothenic acid] Necessary for metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and energy generation. 

[Biotin] Necessary for fat, carbohydrate, protein metabolism and energy generation.


1. Those whose body fat level is excessively measured

2. Those who are troubled by the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen and waist

3. Those who want to reduce belly fat and want a healthy life

4. Those who are tired of a starving diet

5. Those who want to make a slim body

6. Those who cannot manage body fat due to irregular eating habits

7. People who are worried about body fat due to frequent meetings and drinking sessions

8. Those who are worried about their body shape after a high-calorie or oily meal

9. Those who want to return to their old body after pregnancy and childbirth

10. If you are looking for a diet product that is easy to consume

11. Tired of repeated diet

12. Those who want steady management after weight control

<How to eat>

Take 1 packet twice a day, once a day

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