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FREE SHIPPING - When you spend $100+ ( Excludes 1+1 sales items)


    Ingredients: 100% pure bamboo salt


      For Cooking:

      • Warning: Intense sulfur flavor! We strongly recommend 1X or 3X Bamboo Salt if you're not accustomed to the boldness of purple 9X for use with cooking and/or replacing table salt.
      • May be used for light seasoning, pickling, and baking, best paired with traditional Korean dishes like kimchi and broth.
      • Grind and sprinkle on your favorite dishes, ours is simple...enjoy with a hard-boiled egg, add some to your favorite hot soup, or sprinkle over some fresh slices of tomato.
      • Intensifies the flavor of fruits and vegetables.
      • Great for alkaline diets!

      Fo Detox:

      • Melt 1/4 teaspoon in the mouth, up to 8 times daily. May be taken or combined with water or food.
      • Grind and sprinkle on toothpaste/bristles before brushing teeth.
      • Mix with water and use for gargling or rinsing as a mouthwash.

        The product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


        Bamboo Salt was originally created by Korean herbalist, Dr. Insan in 1917. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is sea salt sun-dried, deposited in bamboo tubes, and capped with mineral-rich clay. The bamboo tubes are placed in a pine-wood furnace and roasted 9 times. Insan PURPLE 9X bamboo salt is ocean-harvested using organic, sustainable methods. Insan PURPLE 9X traditionally takes over 3 years to create, following a painstakingly detailed method. The color may vary from light to dark violet. Insan PURPLE 9X is a high mineral salt that offers exceptional flavor and savory sulfur taste; it is a perfect replacement for table or sea salt.


        100% ALL NATURAL





        From the Republic of Korea: Insan Bamboo Salt, Inc.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Chris Kovin
        Insan(e)ly Great!

        After going through a few 240 gr bottles of 9x crystals, I splurged and got the big bottle. Now, after being so curious about this that I have watched several videos of bamboo salt being made, I was always wondering how to obtain the darker amethyst crystals I saw emerging. Well I think maybe the trick is they reserve those for the big bottle because this salt is definitely a few shades darker than the 240 gr bottles (and yes I think a slight bit better)! Also, included were lots of small dose bottles, half of them filled), and a couple great face masks!!! Many thanks for one of the finest substances on Earth. —Chris

        Svetlana P.

        Highly recommend for anyone looking for better alternative to using salt/sodium. I came in-store to purchase Bamboo Salt for my boyfriend and we got free samples. Amazing customer service and staff are all knowledgeable and friendly. They carry other health brands that are hard to find in the USA.