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Red Ginseng & Wild Honey 600g

Red Ginseng & Wild Honey 600g

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Meticulously cared for and packaged in a collectible ceramic jar with matching lid and housed inside an intricate wood decorative box. This is wild mountain ginseng mixed with local honey unlike any other. One taste and you'll be transformed to the region from which it was born.

  • Helps to stimulate metabolism

  • Helps to enhance immune function

  • Tastes great


Replace your usual honey with this for a new flavor and health experience.

Keep stored in a cool, dry location. Avoid direct sunlight


Premium honey and red ginseng harvested in the pristine Jiri mountain range in South Korea. From a nearly untouched landscape, you'll be receiving a unique item that is worth the price tag and unlike most products you've seen before.

A product of the Republic of Korea: Hamyang

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