Wild Ginseng Anytime Liquid Sticks (30 x 12ml)

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Ingredients: Korean wild ginseng extract 10%, Korean red ginseng extract 5%, balloon flower extract 25%, black garlic extract 5%, honey, dextrin, water


Adults take one stick per day, preferably in the morning or midday.


Hamyang-gun in Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea, has attracted many ginseng diggers from the old times with wild ginseng and medicinal herb with excellent effects. There is a legend that the emperor Shih Huang Ti of Chin Dynasty of China had come to Baekdudaegan in order to find the herb of eternal youth. Baekdudaegan includes the mountain ranges of Jirisan, Deogyusan, and Baekwunsan with a vein of germanium. From 2003 up until today, about 450 farms have been planting 51 million plants in order to respond to the era of wellbeing and LOHAS and the FTA.

Hamyang is a clean alpine area with 15 total peaks 1,000 meters or higher above sea level. From the immemorial past, this region had plentiful Cheonjong Wild Ginseng that grew naturally, which has attracted many ginseng diggers. Hamyang is the town of wild ginseng, which grows 80% of all the wood-cultivated ginseng in the Republic of Korea. The soil in the mountain range has a lot of organic germanium, very rare, unlike other regions. It is also very rich in Compound-K. The ginseng is supervised under the production traceability system in order to safeguard the consumer in knowing the entire form of production, so much that it is guaranteed by the South Gyeongsang Governor and the Hamyang Governor.

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