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FREE SHIPPING - When you spend $100+ ( Excludes 1+1 sales items)

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When you spend $100+ ( Excludes 1+1 sales items)

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Safflower Seed Tablet Stick


Strengthening my stomach lining

I take 1-2 of these on an empty stomach, usually in the morning an then before dinner. I suffered a lot from stomach pains, and feel these veggies are helping to strengthen my stomach wall lining as I do not have nearly as many pains as before. My bowels have also improved. This product is a staple now in my diet.

Steven L

Radish paste

After suffering many years from a seasonal spring cough which lasted 6-8 weeks with seemingly no remedy for it, I decided to try your radish paste. After 2 days taking the paste the cough is now gone! I was totally surprised but also totally thankful. What took me so long to find your product? Thanks so much.


Helps control my sugar spikes

Starting taking this product last month, my test strips show that my glucose level is more stable when taking this product with food. I also don't feel the crash afterward when my sugar levels tend to spike then drop. I purchased just one box first as I was skeptical it would work. I am going to purchase the sale product now so I have a good supply and save some money!



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    April 4, 2022

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  • Introducing ImmunaBoost!
    March 30, 2022

    Introducing ImmunaBoost!

    Introducing #ImmunaBoost, our best selling Radish Paste Extract with Pear now in a convenient stick form! Take it on-the-go for daily consumption!  ImmunaBoost is recommended for those who want to improve immunity, respiratory health, and improve bronchial and lung health!...

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